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About Elixir Medical Centres Team

Elixir Medical Centres were created for relationships and combine knowledge with wisdom while nurturing and understanding the needs of the whole patient. Knowing that communication, comfort and confidence are the three c’s that help in providing higher satisfaction and improved outcomes in medical practices, we help our patients move towards their healing process by providing continuity of care and comprehensive family medicine.


Family Physician

Dr. Odetola, CCFP

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As the medical Director of Elixir Medical Center, Inc. Dr. Odetola is an enduring trailblazer in Community Health. Dr. Odetola has always understood that a community’s health is indivisible from its prosperity.  He saw a need: The population of people in the west end needed a doctor that has a passion for medicine and putting along with a Multi-Specialty group of doctors who believe in that dream as well.

By meeting this one fundamental requirement, he changed the face of one community…then another, to get to all underserved communities, one center at the time. Providing medical and mental health to communities in need.
EMC’s standard of care and consistently has made it an exemplar of what a community-focused health center can be.

Dr. Odetola’s Background:

Dr Odetola is a board certified Family physician, Emergency room physician and a hospitalist.

He earned his MD degree from Obafemi Awolowo University , did his postgraduate training in South Africa. He has practiced both in underserviced and urban communities in South Africa before immigrating to Canada in 2016.
He is a clinical lecturer at the Department of Family medicine, University of Alberta.He continues to passionately practice medicine in the communities, hospitals and support organizations that align his purpose. HE enjoys Soccer (playing and watching), playing chess and working out. He is a long-term Manchester United fan.

Family Physician

Dr. Kolapo Oje, CCFP

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Family Physician

Dr. Retha Moghrabi, MD, CCFP

Dr. Moghrabi was born and raised in Lac La Biche, Alberta. He obtained his MD degree at the University of Alberta in 2020, and subsequently completed training in full scope general practice at the University of Alberta Department of Family Medicine.

During the course of his medical training he received numerous accolades for his clinical experiences, and also authored a publication in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. His notable contributions also included video productions targeted at philanthropic topics such as family violence, bullying, war, and the impact of research on healthcare. Beyond this work, he was also involved in other service leadership initiatives. Such projects include working with disadvantaged youth, supporting basic needs for refugees, and joining a project to fund medical supplies in developing countries. Through opportunities at Elixir Medical Centres he is excited to expand his horizons in health advocacy.

Dr. Moghrabi provides full scope general practice for all ages, with a practice style focused on patient-centred care. He has additional interests in pediatrics, mental health and sports medicine.


Taylor Brooke Kessir, LPN

Clinic Licensed Nurse & Supervisor

Angelyn Damo

Medical Office Assistant

Nife Babalola

Office Manager

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