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Every missed appointment is a missed chance to help another patient. Returning patients that have no shows and less than 3 hours cancellation notice for appointment are required to pay (out of pocket) as this is an uninsured service “no show” appointment before another visit can be booked with any of the physicians in our clinic.

Check out this site for more information or call Alberta Health services on 780-427-1432.

New patients that booked a “meet and greet and did not show up would not be rebooked with same doctor. Alternatively, patient might be required to find another clinic or pay a fee to be rebooked in our facility with our physicians.


Rude patients would be asked to find another physician and another Clinic We have ZERO policy to staff abuse. This Policy also applies equally to staff members as well. If you have any issue with this policy, please contact the clinic manager.


Our physicians would not refill prescription for patients that they have never met in person before via phone You are requested to come in person to refill such prescription. Prescription refills are up to your physician’s discretion. We ask you to kindly call ahead to book your refill before you run out of your pills.

Phone consults are done for returning patients that have been to our clinic and has been seen physically by the physician. However, there is a limit regarding the number of phone consults we can book per day. We are sorry to let you know that the timing for phone consults can not be guaranteed as physicians can or might be backed up by physical visits.


We love our furry friends and it would be nice to bring them everywhere with us. However, we request you keep them at home when you are coming in for your visits. The only kinds of pets allowed in our facility are service dogs.


Please be aware that you are required to pay a fee if you do not have a valid health care number or if your health care number expires. It is your responsibility to make sure your health care number is valid before each visit to our centre.
Kindly note that Alberta Health does not cover some medical forms. Should you require sick notes, driver’s medical, work forms or other documentation not listed here. You will be required to pay for them prior to receiving them. Should you require more information, kindly contact our front office staff or check the AHS website to read through the uninsured services.


Due to privacy reasons, you might be requested to come in for your test results. Kindly note, discussing test results over the phone would be at the discretion of the physician.