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Elixir Medical Services

Third Party Services

Elixir Medical Centres provide services to and for every area of your health and well-being, including those needs specific to age, stage and phase of life. Whether you have insurance forms you need filled out, residency documents signed, or are required to have a specific examination for disability purposes, below you will find a list of services to meet your needs. Please contact us for an appointment.


  • Attending Physician Statement (For Insurance Company)
  • Basic Office Visit (Canadian Resident)
  • Basic Office Visit (Non Resident of Canada)
  • Blue Cross Special Authorization Form
  • Camp / School Medical Form & Examination
  • Canada Revenue Disability Tax Credit Form
  • Disability Benefit Report
  • Disability Insurance Form Completion
  • Disability Placard From
  • Driver’s Medical Form & Examination
  • Employment Physical Form & Examination
  • Fitness for Work Form & Examination
  • General Insurance Eligibility Form (& Examination
  • Maternity Leave and Employment Insurance Forms
  • Motor Vehicle Report Form (Claim for Disability Benefit)
  • Sick Note
  • Tetanus Injections
  • Typed Third Party Requested Letters